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New England Punks & Skins' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
New England Punks & Skins

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[06 Dec 2006|12:29am]


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Warped Tour Presale Tickets! [06 Apr 2006|12:19am]
Check it out..

Ready for summer and the Warped Tour?

Warped tour presale tickets for the FITCHBURG, MA show go off sale THIS FRIDAY at 5pm.

If you want tickets for a crazy reduced price of $20.24 go to the link below and enter the password: warped06


Only 1 day left!!

There are a bunch of cool perks to buying presale tickets (beside the price), like reduced cost cd's, and much more!

bands include:

18 Visions
AFI (Only playing the Raleigh, Houston, San Antonio, Las Cruces, Boise, Portland, Vancouver, Calgary, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, and Buffalo concerts)
The Academy Is
Against Me!
Amber Pacific
Anti Flag
Armor For Sleep
Billy Talent
The Bled
Bouncing Souls
Bullet For My Valentine
The Casualties
Die Hunns
Down To Earth Approach
Dropping Daylight
The Early November
Eight Fingers Down (Bbq Band)
Every Time I Die
The Fall Of Troy
Flashlight Brown
Forgive Durden
From Autumn To Ashes
From First To Last
The Fully Down
Gatsbys American Dream (Only playing the Portland, Vancouver, Calgary, Salt Lake City, Denver, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Detroit, and Chicago concerts)
The Germs
Greeley Estates
Gym Class Heroes
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Less Than Jake
The Living End
Motion City Soundtrack
Mute Math
My American Heart
Over It
The Pink Spiders
Plain White T's
Protest The Hero
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Reggie & The Full Effect
Rise Against
Riverboat Gamblers
Say Anything
Saves The Day
Senses Fail
The Sounds
State Radio
Stretch Arm Strong
The Sunstreak (Bbq Band)
Valient Thorr
We Are The Fury

GO !!
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[22 Dec 2005|01:40pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[07 Aug 2005|02:10pm]

whattup guys?

name's nessa, i'm 17 and from AMHERST (western mass, way the fuck out there)
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[18 Jul 2005|08:32am]


Join modern_trash
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[18 Jul 2005|11:09am]



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who doesnt love free stuff? [20 May 2005|12:00pm]
new zine that will cover "Hardcore" such as old school hardcore, grind, crust, thrash, noisecore pretty much anything short, fast and loud. The first issue is free just so I can get the word out. Any bands that want to get their demo reviewed send me a copy and I will review your demo and put all your contact info in the zine so kids can contact you to order your demo, book shows etc....If you have any rad pix from shows or skateboarding pix feel free to send em in and I'll give you credit in the zine for hookin me up with pix. Also if you're into wrestling (especially japanese death match wrestling or just underground wrestling in general) feel free to send in some show pix or whatever.

12 Church Street
Richmond, ME 04357
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denim and leather jacket turns into a vest [29 Apr 2005|07:39pm]
ooookay.. down to $19.99.. original price tags still on it from the 80's for $235..
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Join [17 Mar 2005|11:10pm]

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show show show [09 Mar 2005|01:08pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

go, dance, have a good time

please respect my place/neiborhood so shows can continue to happen here
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Promotion [06 Mar 2005|11:10pm]


I know some of you got it in you...
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VOICE OF PUNK Boston Based EZine [01 Mar 2005|11:03pm]

[ mood | NoFX ]

Voice of Punk is a zine dedicated to all things punk. 

Little music, little fashion, little literature, just about anything that can be covered, does. 

The first issue premiered today and is doing exceptionally well already.  Please feel free to visit:


Check it out:  VOICE OF PUNK

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[27 Jan 2005|05:07pm]
The Exit 23 is re-opening as "The New Direction"(Haverhill, MA)

Friday, 28th.
Doors @ 7.
$5 or $7.


More info at www.fnsboston.net
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[23 Jan 2005|11:02pm]

Anybody got a couple extra tickets to DKM St Pattys weekend? I get in every year whether or not I get the tix in advance... but it beats standing in the cold trolling for tickets.

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[29 Dec 2004|10:30am]

It's Over.....
Last night I got a call from my neice. She told me my Bunny died. He was the best bunny to ever exist. He was an all black Norwegian Dwarf. Here is the story of Benny D'Bunny:

New Years Day 2000: Benny was born. He was born in a pet shop in Bridgewater where I went to school. He was there 1st baby animal of the Millenium. He was the only one of the litter to survive, and he was the runt. His mom died during the birth.

January 20th 2000: I went to the pet store to get food for my guinea pigs and was browsing around and playing with the animals. I went to the bunny cage to see them play and there were about ten of them in there. All regular sized except for Benny. He was just a baby and was being bullied by all the other bunnies. I reached in to push them away and Benny managed to jump out of the cage and into my arms. It was love from there on in. I took him home and introduced him to my other pets. 5 guinea pigs and a rat. All of them roamed free, including the rat, and they were all litter box trained. Benny learned very quickly his role and where he should and shouldnt play. He was litter box trained after only a week. He slept in my bed next to me, and woke me up in the morning. He was amazing. i had never seen such a smart rodent in my life. I carried him around with me in a backpack that I wore in my chest. He literally went everywhere with me, and never jumped out or tried to run away.

He came to work with me for 2 years. He would sit in my drawer and sleep or eat or play with the kids when they came in. He was the best.
Soon my boss said that I shouldnt bring him to work anymore, that it wasnt professional. So I would rush home every day after work to take him out on the town. He was my best freind.
I met my boyfreind and it was Benny who confirmed he was right for me. He usually made this little angry noise at guys I met to let me know he didnt like him. But he warmed up to my bf really fast. He even liked to mimic him when he was asleep. It was the cutest thing ever.
Me and my bf moved to Quincy 2 years ago and was told we couldnt have pets. I was crushed. My neice offered to take care of him and I thought it was a good idea. She loved him and was very responsible when caring for him. I came to visit as much as possible and still bought his food, treats and litter. He was excited whenever I came to visit.
Now he is gone. He is gone and im so horribly sad. Ive been crying for hours str8 and its horrible that I cant stop. He was my buddy, and now he is no more. People keep saying that he is in a good place now. Well, ya know what? I dont beleive that. I dont beleive in God or any other kind of religion. I lack faith. I think that once your dead, its like shutting off the lights. You are just simply gone. Forever.
There will never be another like you Benny. I loved you with all my heart and will miss you forever lil guy.
Today is the day my mother died. I am sick. I have to work most of the day. I dont think I have ever been so depressed. I need to hit someone, or break something. I need to lash out. But I cant. I have to be strong. I hate myself.
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up the punx [15 Dec 2004|03:32pm]

go here read this, just the comments it has little to nothing to do with the entry itself other than the fact that im hot.

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[09 Dec 2004|09:26pm]

This Saturday is the final punk show at Exit 23 in Haverhill, MA ever.

I expect to see everyone of you there...burned bridges or not. This is not for me, not for our bands...this is for Jeremy and this is for you. Please show your respect.

I can keep my cool, I expect most of you to be able to do the same as well.

December 11th, doors at 8pm. Cover charge is $5 I assume.
The Knox
The Struggle.
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Black Roses. [02 Dec 2004|03:32am]

I want to see a Black Roses reunion tour.

black roses are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
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elie's site. [25 Sep 2004|10:46pm]
[ mood | decent ]

remember sebi's old pogo punks site that died.. well here's a new different one!


goooo look, jerkfaces.

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freeipods.com is legit! [15 Sep 2004|12:35am]
this freeipods.com thing is defietely real, and NOT a scam. my friend julian just got his tonight. it's pretty simple to do, and free if you pick the right promotional thing, adn you can get a free damned ipod out of the thing. so does anyone want to help me get an ipod?


i'd seriously appreciate it if any of you would help me out. if you're apprehensive about it, google it and read up on some of it, and check out the faq at the site.

xxx http://daily.nysun.com/Repository/getmailfiles.asp?Style=OliveXLib:ArticleToMail&Type=text/html&Path=NYS/2004/08/04&ID=Ar00501 xxx

xxx www.freeipodguide.com xxx
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